Pamplona is an attractive and quite affluent city, perhaps best known for the running of the bulls in July; luckily for us, we were there in September. There is plenty of history here: Pamplona was once the capital of the Kingdom of Navarre. The city was fought over for centuries, which explains the formidable walls.
  There are many sights to see, including the extensive park that resembles a zoo, interesting monuments and buildings, and, above all, the cathedral and its attached museum.

Castle Square

Monument of opera singer Julian Gayarre

City Hall

The Cathedral of St Mary the Royal

  The baroque facade is a later addition to a fine 15th century gothic church.  The present building is the third cathedral on this site; the first was destroyed in warfare in 924.

Over the altar is a relic from an earlier building on this site; a silver gilded wooden carving of Royal St Mary.

Altarpiece of the Chaplains of St Barbara

Sepulchre of Charles III of Navarre and his wife.

One of the finest features is the 13th-century cloister. The gothic windows visible here have a feel of English decorated gothic, though the influence is generally credited to the French.

The museum is full of wonderful items - we needed much more time!

Let's head for  the monastery of Leyre.
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