The earliest monasteries - Monkwearmouth Jarrow

St Paul's, Jarrow, part of the double monastery of Monkwearmouth Jarrow: this part was founded in 684 by Benedict Biscop. The earlier monastery was St Peterís Monkwearmouth, founded in 674-5. The original Saxon chancel of Jarrow survives, though the nave is Victorian. Next to the church are substantial remains of the medieval monastic ruins.
  Two particularly interesting features in the church are the original stone slab recording the dedication of the church on 23 April 685, and the oldest stained glass window in the world, reconstructed from excavated fragments dating from about AD 600. Both are shown below.
  It was here that the Venerable Bede wrote his great work, The Ecclesiastical History of the English People.

  The last two photographs here show the site of St Peter's monastery at Monkwearmouth; little remains of the monastic buildings apart from the priory church;  the porch dates from the 7th century.

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