Loreto, Italy

The Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto, Italy, contains an ancient building enclosed in in a 16
th century marble screen. It is said to be the true house of Mary, transported to Loreto. It is an important site of pilgrimage.
  It seems an unlikely story, particularly when it is suggested that angels brought it here in 1294. But let’s not dismiss it as a fake until we have looked at the evidence.
  The building has been studied in detail by archaeologists, with a surprising result. bricks the house are built of are typical of those found in early buildings in Nazareth, both in style and substance. An inscription found on the wall matches the style of an inscription found at the site of the grotto in Nazareth.  Accounts say that a small building, used as a chapel, may have been built on the site in Nazareth as early as the 3rd century. It was reported on by a 7th century bishop.,
  So could this be that building, and, if so, how did it get to Loreto? It is easy to dismiss the story of the angels, but let’s not do so just yet.
  In the late thirteenth century crusaders were being driven out of the Holy land. Around 100 years ago documents were discovered in the Vatican library stating that materials from ‘Our Lady’s House’ had been rescued from Nazareth by a member of a noble family, and brought back to Italy.
  The name of the Noble family? The Angeli.

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