Burgos is an attractive and quite wealthy city. There is plenty to see here; sadly, our time was limited, and we were unable to visit some fine churches and a number of historic monastic locations. However, we were able to spend time in the cathedral, one of Spain’s finest: so good, in fact, that it deserves a page to itself – here’s the link.

The cathedral of Burgos

The church of St Nicholas of Bari.
 A fine church close to the cathedral, dating from 1408.  On our journey we saw many resplendent altarpieces, but this one, said to be one of the largest in Spain, beats them all. It is carved from limestone and is dedicated to St Nicholas.

Town views

Plaza Santa Maria

Gateway of Santa Maria

The arch of Fernán González

Statue of El Cid


On to the Monastery of San Zoilo

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