The Sassetti Chapel, Santa Trinita, Florence - 3

The left wall of the chapel has two scenes from the life of St Francis. At the top is the renunciation of worldly goods; a familiar scene with Francis disrobing. A bishop covers him, while Francis's father, holding Francis's clothes, looks on in fury. He is restrained by the townsfolk.
  But which town is it? The image clearly does not show Assisi. There has been much debate on this. It is generally agreed that it represents somewhere important in the life and business of Francesco Sassetti. Suggestions include Genoa, Lyon and Geneva.

  The lower fresco: St Francis receives the stigmata. This fine image shows the castle of La Verna, high on the hill in the background. To the right is another town, this time, Pisa. Look closely and you will see the leaning tower. The depiction of the deer is very special.
  Below is a panel from the pulpit of Santa Croce, Florence, carved by Benedetto da Maiano in the 1480s. The similarity is striking, even though the image is reversed. It has given rise to much debate; who inspired who?

Benedetto da Maiano, Pulpit, Santa Croce
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